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Visit our new site for Careers. https://jobs.elounda-sa.com Help us make dreams come true!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to start or build a career with one of the most highly regarded hotels & resorts company world-wide.
Elounda S.A. is looking to staff key positions with the best possible people.

Some of our these positions include:

Reception Staff
Our aim is to make the stay of our guests as comfortable and relaxing as possible. We are looking for pleasant & friendly staff, conversant in multiple languages. Communication skills are highly valued as are sensitivity to customer needs and the warm Greek hospitality which will not only make the guests' stay unforgettable, but will also make them return.

Elounda S.A. insistence and persistence on quality of services have established our company among the top in the world for customer service.

Elounda S.A. Hotels & Resorts have seven restaurants, which we wish to staff with highly experienced and pleasant waiters, with the sole aim of pleasing our customers and allowing them to enjoy top-notch hospitality and unique culinary experiences in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Kitchen Staff

The “Calypso” restaurant was awarded “the Best Restaurant for Creative Cuisine”, while the “Golden Toques” awards recognized it as one of the few best restaurants in Greece. The award-winning “Old Mill Restaurant” at the Elounda Mare hotel is specialized in Mediterranean cuisine, and has also received a multitude of Golden Toque awards. Additionally, the elegant wine cellar “Kelari”, contains a large selection of more than 800 labels from all over the world and wine tastings as well as private dinners of up to eight people are organized here. Elounda S.A. also gives its employees the opportunity to get additional international training, through long-standing relationships with top hotels and restaurants worldwide.

In adherence to the international health and safety standards, Elounda S.A. is looking for individuals who are willing to be part of a team catering to the highest needs of our guests' stay.


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