Layouts with up to 6 bedrooms are available, with private outdoor swimming pools for all residences, plus an indoor pool for some. Other features include hot-tubs, saunas or steam-rooms, gyms, staff rooms, utility, storage and laundry rooms, various custom options and a private electric club car for the exclusive use of each residence.

The residences are offered in two interior design options: Contemporary and Traditional. In both cases, they are fully equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and fixtures, and furnished with luxury designer furniture pieces (Contemporary) or selected authentic antiques (Traditional), and delivered to owners in final move-in condition.


» Syntax International, the world’s leading hospitality design firm, has fully designed a modern interior using a soft approach with exceptional craftsmanship and finishing details that are functional and tasteful while always remaining relaxed and unobtrusive.
» Syntax has specified to the last detail all designer furniture, custom furnishings, cabinetry, materials, and colour schemes.



» The traditional style of Spyros Kokotos is the signature design motif of the entire Elounda region, as set forth in the 1970s in a testament to the timelessness of original Cretan mansions and adjusted over the past decades to the needs and requirements of the very special and demanding clientele.
» This style reflects luxury contained in simplicity, with a warm atmosphere created by traditional materials and underlined by a unique selection of antique pieces, each with its own history.