Environment / Recycling

The most important part of recycling is sorting at the source. Separation of materials before collection is paramount for their proper handling and further processing. We use a variety of outside certified contractors to handle a large variety of materials separately and safely, making sure to track their progress, receive written records and declare all these actions to the Ministry for the Environment through online tools (wrm.ypeka.gr) that track waste around the country.

In order to succeed with properly sorting at the source, it is necessary to implement a training regime with scores of seminars for staff, both in order to raise awareness as well as to teach members how to recognize the many different types of waste and how to handle them accordingly. Progressing to a cyclical economy with zero waste will require a fundamental shift in mentality and habits.

Types of materials that are handled this way include:

- FOOD WASTE: Collected for bio-gas production (https://bioenergycrete.gr/)
- METALS: Collected for recycling to raw material (https://www.katheris.gr/)
- GLASS: Collected for recycling to raw material (http://cretaeco.gr/)
- PLASTICS are of many different kinds, so each is

- PET (bottles): converted to clothing and accessories (https://shop.circularindependence.com/)
- PP (caps, containers, etc): recycled to raw material (https://www.plastikakritis.com/gr)
- PPR (containers): converted to furniture (https://bluecycle.com/)
- PS (thermal containers): recycled to raw material (https://www.ergatex.gr)

- LEAD-ACID BATTERIES: recycled to raw material (RECYCLO)
- Li & Ni/Cd BATTERIES: recycled to raw material (https://afis.gr/)
- OTHER ELECTRIC/ELECTRONIC: recycled to a variety of materials (https://www.electrocycle.gr/)
- FOOD OILS: converted to bio-diesel (https://www.efs-ltd.gr/)
- ENGINE OILS: recycled to tar and other crude oil products (https://www.cytop.gr/)
- PAPER & CARTON: recycled to raw material (http://cretaeco.gr/)

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